31 Oct

Analysis of Fury vs. Ngannou Fight by Lennox Lewis: "Real-Life Rocky"

Former heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis provided a detailed breakdown of the Tyson Fury - Francis Ngannou fight on his Twitter:

"I think Fury and Ngannou surprised everyone, but in different ways. Tyson looked nothing like the man from the Wilder trilogy. Francis exceeded the expectations of most. Ngannou took the night, Fury took the fight.

Fury looked lackluster and didn't target the body throughout the entire fight. As a boxing king, you can't allow an MMA fighter to step into your domain and perform well in his very first boxing match. This should have been a statement for boxing, but it wasn't.

I think Fury won. Again, I stick to the belief that you have to take the title from the champion. Aside from knocking down Ngannou, he merely countered throughout the fight. Call me old-fashioned, but that's not enough if you don't stop your opponent.

At the same time, Tyson had a very closely contested battle. Ngannou performed exceptionally well against the best heavyweight in the world. Considering where Francis came from in the world of boxing, he was simply incredible. 'Real-life Rocky,'" wrote Lewis.

On the night of October 29, Tyson Fury defeated Francis Ngannou by a split decision. The British boxer was knocked down in the third round. Lennox Lewis was present at the arena in Riyadh during the fight.