14 Mar

Alex Krassyuk expressed doubt that the Usyk - Fury fight will take place on April 29th

Alex Krassyuk, the promoter of WBA/WBO/IBF/IBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, expressed doubt that the fight for the title of absolute champion with WBC title holder Tyson Fury will take place on April 29th. According to the promoter, the British side is looking for ways to avoid the fight.

“As soon as Usyk accepts a no rematch clause there will still be searching for another thing to find and pull out the fight."

“I'll tell you why. He bluffed and Usyk called his bluff. This is 100 per cent. He didn’t expect Usyk to accept 70/30."

“He was not in a training camp and we saw the next morning at the theatrical performance that he was pretending to jog and fight someone in the ring."

“It’s all about nothing. He’s not prepared and scared to fight. He will try to find a way to avoid Usyk for as long as possible."

“We don’t trust him, we don’t believe him. One more thing to know, when we started the negotiations, Fury’s side was the first to ask for the rematch. Fury was the first to ask for the rematch and we supported this.”

“He just doesn’t want this fight to happen as he knows he’s not prepared for it. It’s only five weeks left, it’s not sufficient for any proper fighter to get prepared for the undisputed heavyweight championship.”

“The fighter is the final decision maker. It’s up to Usyk to make the decision. He made it the first time, second time and he will make it the third time.”

“It’s a shame for a fighter to behave like that. It’s not about money, it’s about fear. For a big man like Tyson, it’s impossible to have so much fear."

“Usyk wants this fight badly. He cannot fight just by himself, he needs an opponent in the ring,” Krassyuk said

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Previously, it was reported that Fury advised Usyk against including a rematch clause in the contract for their unification fight. Despite this, Usyk encouraged Tyson to sign the original contract, as it was Fury's side that proposed the possibility of a rematch.

As a reminder, Usyk agreed to Fury's proposal of a 70/30 split in fees, under the condition that Fury donate one million pounds to Ukraine immediately following the fight. The highly anticipated title fight to determine the absolute world champion is scheduled to take place on April 29th at Wembley Stadium.

Both boxers have informed the WBA of their agreement and the association has refrained from enforcing Alexander's defense of the belt against challenger Daniel Dubois, allowing time for the teams of both champions to finalize the fight contract.

Fury has already commenced training for the bout against Usyk, while the Ukrainian is also actively preparing for the matchup.