04 Nov

African Thunder: Hearn Eyes Epic Joshua-Ngannou Bout for Winter Spectacle!

British fight maestro Eddie Hearn has thrown down the gauntlet for a blockbuster Joshua-Ngannou bout as 2023 draws close. Hearn has whetted the appetite of fight fans by penciling in December 23 for what could be a seismic showdown on the African continent. The potential clash has the boxing world buzzing with the prospect of A.J. trading leather with the powerhouse Ngannou.

"December 23 is on the cards, and we're not just jingling bells," Hearn quipped as he mulls over the idea of A.J. stepping into the ring with the formidable Ngannou. "Should Team Ngannou seek a dance partner for Francis, A.J.'s poised to step up—no ifs, ands, or buts."

The original blueprint had Joshua squaring off against Deontay Wilder during the winter months, a fight still simmering on the back burner. Yet, Hearn's latest play suggests he's keen to roll the dice on a Ngannou gambit sooner rather than later. "I've lobbed the ball in their court—if they're game, we're game," Hearn added with a promoter's flair.

A.J. himself hasn't been looped into the conversation yet, but Hearn is confident in his fighter's readiness. "I'd tell A.J. to jump at this one—it's a knockout opportunity," he stated, exuding his trademark confidence.

The potential face-off follows on the heels of Ngannou's gritty ring debut against Tyson Fury, where, despite a split-decision defeat and a trip to the canvas, Ngannou proved his mettle. Hearn has stoked the fires even further, suggesting that a Joshua-Ngannou tussle could eclipse the Fury-Usyk fight in terms of sheer spectacle.

As the winter chill sets in, the boxing world waits with bated breath to see if this frosty face-off will come to fruition and set the stage ablaze.