15 May

A Ruthless Knockout in Record Time": Gabriel Flores Defeats Derrick Murray in 30 Seconds

In a thrilling lightweight bout, the American pugilist displayed remarkable form, securing a swift knockout victory over his fellow countryman.

The bout lasted a mere 30 seconds, yet that was ample time for the American fighter to showcase his power and precision. With a thunderous punch, he resoundingly knocked out his adversary, who couldn't rise before the referee's ten-count.

Глубокий нокаут за 30 секунд: Американский легковес эффектно вырубил  соотечественника - iSport.ua

The devastating knockout took the crowd and boxing enthusiasts by surprise, who hadn't anticipated such a quick and dramatic conclusion to the match. The American fighter's performance earned rave reviews for his technical prowess and assured presence in the ring.

Вырубил за 30 секунд: бывший топ-проспект красиво уничтожил земляка –  брутальное видео — Спорт 24

This victory underscores the formidable potential and significance of this American lightweight. He continues his ascent up the rankings, making him an increasingly desirable adversary for other fighters in his weight division.

This electrifying knockout sparked widespread interest within the boxing community and elicited a huge amount of comments and video shares on social media.

Details of this stunning match can be found on the Top Rank Boxing page.

This triumph reaffirms the power and passion that boxing can evoke among its ardent followers and fans.