12 Mar

7 Questions for Max Michailew!

Max Michailew, boxing manager and ambassador for the Ready To Fight platform responded to our reporters' inquiries regarding the future of Karen Chukhadzhian and Petro Ivanov, champions in their divisions, and the role of the Ready To Fight platform in his professional activities.

How did your collaboration with Karen Chukhadzhian and Petro Ivanov commence?

Petro reached out to me via Instagram. Initially, I didn't notice his message because I wasn't following him. Subsequently, Alexander Zakhozhyi contacted me, mentioning, "A boxer has messaged you; he's training under Likhter and is keen on joining our team."

After reviewing his background and watching several fights, including a WBC youth match, I immediately thought, "He's definitely joining our team."

I admire this quality in boxers – moral and mental fortitude. All our middleweights exhibited this; sparks flew during their sparring sessions.

Regarding Karen, I encountered him and Slava Senchenko at Warsaw airport; they were en route to Kaliningrad for the match against Vorobyov (Chukhadzhian secured a victory via judges' decision – editor's note). They faced a delay at customs, and I offered them assistance. Subsequently, we stayed at the same hotel. Following the match against Vorobyev, I became genuinely interested in collaborating with Karen. Beyond his character, his technique and mastery of range greatly appealed to me.

What are the three main strengths of Chukhadzhian and Ivanov?

Peter's advantage lies in his relentless pressure on his opponent. Additionally, he possesses powerful strikes with both hands. As previously mentioned, his character not only aids him in the ring but also facilitates his smooth assimilation into German society.

Beyond his boxing skills, Karen's demeanor deserves recognition. He remains calm and courteous in any circumstance, significantly simplifying collaborative efforts.

Karen was defeated in the championship fight by Jaron Ennis, yet he arguably presented the most formidable challenge to the current champion. American fans on Twitter were notably taken aback by the difficulty Jaron faced in this match. What steps should Chukhadzhian take to secure a rematch?

The immediate task is to triumph over the next opponent to arrange a rematch. Further details cannot be disclosed at this moment due to minor complications with the representatives of Scarff's team under Wasermann's promotional banner. We anticipate a swift resolution to these issues.

Moreover, Ennis is expected to face a challenging match against the undefeated Canadian southpaw Cody Crowley (22-0, 9 KOs).

We are hopeful for a rematch come winter!

Peter Ivanov competes in the super middleweight division, where Canelo Alvarez is the undisputed champion. Ivanov holds the IBF International title and boasts a streak of six early victories. What timeframe do you envision Ivanov potentially becoming a challenger for the title?

This question is highly challenging and sensitive.

We have specific arrangements with the IBF regarding this matter, but I'm not free to disclose everything yet.

Alvarez reigns as the champion in Ivanov's division, while Crawford is the principal unified champion in Chukhadjian's. Which champion would you, as a boxer, prefer to face and why?

My preference leans towards Crawford due to my admiration for intelligent boxing.

If given the chance to manage five boxers from any era, who would they be?

Joe Louis, Manny Pacquiao, Gennady Golovkin, Oleksandr Usyk, and Sugar Ray Robinson.

Has the emergence of the Ready To Fight platform simplified the process of managing and scouting young talents for you?

I now allocate much of my time to the Ready To Fight platform. It is a promising opportunity for emerging boxers and those already established in the sport.The platform's full potential has yet to be fully grasped. The extent to which it can facilitate career development has yet to be fully recognized. Eventually, the platform's advantages and possibilities will become evident to everyone!