12 Sep

The 43-year-old Cuban heavyweight "King Kong" challenged Fury and Joshua

43-year-old Cuban heavyweight "King Kong" Luis Ortiz (33-3, 28 KOs) still does not think about retirement. Recall that on September 4, he lost in a competitive confrontation on points to Andy Ruiz Jr., however, he claims that he is ready to enter the ring before the end of this year, and against one of the leaders of the division, offering his services to the British Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, if they do not agree about fighting each other.

“Hey Fury and Joshua, I heard you both are looking for rivals. Well, I'm ready to fight any of you. Let's see what you youngsters can do against me, ”Louis sends two calls at once.

At the same time, Ortiz has an answer to those who, in the battle against Ruiz, saw signs of old age in him:

“I have some words of wisdom for some of the boxers who gave their opinion and said that I was old because I touched the canvas twice after punching Ruiz. First of all, this is a super heavyweight division, and I would like to see how most of you in the lighter weights would fight just one category higher. I bet a lot of people wouldn't last five rounds, so think before you speak. In particular, think about the fact that I went all 12 rounds and wanted to continue to fight further. Yes, I didn’t even sit on a stool before the final round.

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“Give me credit, all heavyweights have fallen or will fall at some point. To say that I fell because the old ... What do you say about the fall of Fury or Joshua? Or Wilder and White? Are they old too? I mean, I got up and kept fighting bone to bone with an opponent who weighed much more than me, and I almost snatched the victory from him. With all due respect to Ruiz, I would like to have a rematch with him."