17 Jul

Promoter Frank Warren Urges Joshua to Seek Fury Rematch Instead of Whyte

Frank Warren, who represents WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has spoken out about the upcoming rematch between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte. According to Warren, Joshua should be pursuing a fight with Tyson Fury rather than engaging in a rematch with Whyte.

"Joshua has a fight with Whyte and I hope he beats him. I would love to see him win. However, to be honest, I don't understand this fight. Tyson fought Dillian last year and won convincingly. I don't understand Joshua's ambitions. Why isn't he fighting for the WBC title with a 60-40 split? Instead, he's fighting a guy that Tyson took to school last year," Warren expressed in an interview with the YouTube channel Seconds Out.

Промоутер Фьюри: Тайсон чувствует, что остановит Усика - iSport.uaAs a reminder, the second bout between Joshua and Whyte is slated for August 12 at London's O2 Arena.