30 May

Joe Rogan: "I think Loma was robbed"

Noted UFC commentator, Joe Rogan, voiced his take on the result of the fight between the undisputed lightweight world champion, Devin Haney, and Vasyl Lomachenko. He contends that Lomachenko, who he deems the rightful winner, was unjustly deprived of victory.

"I think he [Loma] got robbed. The commentators were trying very hard not to say he got robbed. But I didn't see it at all. I felt like Lomachenko won that decision" Rogan shared in an interview with MMA Sound.

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Rogan also mentioned his desire to rewatch the fight without any commentary, aiming to score each round himself. He maintains his belief that Lomachenko led by two rounds.

It should be noted that the official decision of the fight handed Haney a unanimous victory (112-116, 113-115, 113-115).