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Web3 Meets World-Class Boxing!

Imagine a world where technology helps make everything decentralized, quick, and open, where no one person or group has all the control, especially in sports. That's what Web3 is doing, and it's a big deal for boxing 2.0. 

The RTF (Ready To Fight) project brings evolutionary shifts to the fight game with Web3. This means using the latest Web3 tools to make everything about boxing easier and more transparent for fans and athletes, from finding a sparring opponent to watching premium quality matches and everything in between. 

Explaining the Project Ecosystem

RTF's mission is to merge the sport with Web3 technology, empowering fighters to overcome challenges and monetize their abilities while allowing fans to connect directly with their idols and discover unique opportunities for support.

The project ecosystem is like a big, advanced Web3 playground for the boxing world. It's built on its own blockchain, making things like voting, trading, and supporting your favorite fighters easier and safer.

It's a big step forward, making RTF the first in the boxing to do this.

Here's what makes the RTF Web3 ecosystem stand out:

Decentralization: Transparent apps and services (SubRing, News Portal, etc).

Scalability: It can grow big without losing speed or quality.

Security: Keeps your information safe.

Transparency: Everything is open and clear to see.

The ecosystem is not just about fighting infrastructure and tools for boxers. It includes multiple Web3 services, like HQ live Streaming, Marketplace, Cyber Ring, Ticket Office, etc. For example, Cyber Ring is a great entertainment spot for all ecosystem users. 

It has a concept of a blockchain-based game that blends boxing with a $RTF token. Players start for free but need $RTF tokens to progress and enhance. The game operates on a seasonality concept, with seasons divided into 12 daily rounds, offering exclusive NFT rewards. Gameplay involves training, earning tokens, and improving through a system of NFT levels and qualities.

The Fuel of the Whole Ecosystem

At the heart of the Web3 ecosystem is the RTF token. It's like the currency that makes everything work like magic in the RTF world. $RTF is a utility token pivotal for enabling swift and secure transactions within the RTF. 

Here are a few utilities to grasp the idea of its use cases:

Buy or sell training tools and services.

Support your favorite fighters.

Buy tickets to fights.

Get access to special events and content, etc.

As the platform grows, $RTF is aimed to play an increasingly important role in the ecosystem's evolution and expansion. 

The Core Elements of the RTF Web3 Ecosystem

At the forefront of blending the worlds of boxing and blockchain, the RTF Web3 ecosystem introduces a groundbreaking suite of services designed to transform the industry.

The ecosystem introduces an evolving network of services, including a marketplace, social connections, and interactive games designed to enrich the sports world. This framework is constantly expanding, bringing users fresh and engaging features.

RTF Core Web3 Solutions

Highlighting its expansive scope, the RTF platform offers Web3 services, each designed with precision to cater to the varied facets of the Web2 and Web3 worlds:

RTF TOKEN: The core currency powers transactions and interactions within the ecosystem.

CYBER RING: A unique iGaming space for athletes and fans to engage, enhance skills, and earn through NFTs. 

RTF WALLET: Secure storage and transaction solutions for managing cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

SUBRING: A platform supporting athletes by purchasing "Rate" assets akin to digital endorsements.

OFFERS: A job wall connecting professionals with opportunities, streamlining career advancement in boxing.

RTF CARDS: Virtual cards linked to RTF accounts for global cryptocurrency payments.

TICKET OFFICE: Facilitates easy access to boxing events worldwide, ensuring secure and fast ticket service.

RTF STREAM: A streaming service for live training, sparring, and professional fights, complete with a sponsorship and donation system.

RTF GAMES CENTRE: Offers sports-themed Move2Earn and Play2Earn applications, enriching the ecosystem with interactive experiences.

Each Web3 service within the RTF ecosystem represents a unique blend of innovation and usefulness, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the industry's needs, from athlete training to fan engagement.

Upgrading the Boxing World with Web3

The RTF platform is already initiating a big change in the boxing world. Think of it as the most active, friendly community for millions of fighters, coaches, and fans worldwide. 

Before RTF, the boxing world was a bit messy—challenging for people to locate sparring partners, make clear deals, or even get the right tools for their careers. RTF operates Web3 and blockchain to make everything easier and clearer for everyone involved:

Fighters and coaches can easily find each other and work together.

Fans can get closer to their idols and even monetize their support.

Brands and sponsors get the biggest network of global athletes in one spot, etc.

That's just the beginning. Thanks to Web3, RTF is building a place where athletes can create their own dream team (managers, coaches, agents, etc.) and concentrate on skill growth, letting the tech and the platform infrastructure do the rest.


RTF is pioneering a new way to combine the exciting world of boxing with the latest technology. It's the first and only project of its kind, creating a space where Web3 enhances everything from building a professional boxing team to supporting a fighter in and out of the ring. With RTF, the future of boxing is decentralized, open, and powered by the most effective Web3 tool athletes already enjoy today.