12 mars

Bridgerweight – Now Available on Ready To Fight!

Ready To Fight continues to improve and become more accessible for every boxer. We're excited to announce that we've added a new category – bridgerweight.

If you're a bridgerweight boxer, want to become one, or know such an athlete – now is the perfect time to download the Ready To Fight app, select the appropriate category, and experience all the advantages of the latest methods in managing your boxing career.

Bridgerweight (up to 101.6 kg) is a weight category between heavyweight and super heavyweight, currently exclusively ranked by the World Boxing Council (WBC). It is named in honor of Bridger Walker, who at 6 years old protected his younger sister from a dog attack, taking the hit himself. The boy received 90 stitches, the WBC awarded him a namesake belt, and subsequently named the new division after him.

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