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Last updated: 20.12.2023

Welcome to Ready to Fight!

The Community Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) for Ready to Fight are established to foster a safe, respectful, and engaging environment for all users. These guidelines outline acceptable behaviors and content standards on the platform. They serve as a roadmap for interactions, ensuring that every member contributes positively to the community. By adhering to these guidelines, users help maintain a space that is welcoming and inclusive, promoting a positive experience for everyone involved. It's essential for all users to understand and follow these guidelines to ensure that Ready to Fight remains a safe and enjoyable platform for all.

These guidelines encompass rules and standards for utilizing Ready to Fight and are applicable to every user and aspect of our platform. Grounded in international legal frameworks, industry best practices, and insights from our community, these guidelines are crafted to cultivate an environment where everyone can actively participate, learn, and relish the captivating world of boxing. We continually refine them to address emerging risks and potential challenges associated with evolving behaviors.

1. Our Principles

For the Ready to Fight, we established a set of guiding principles to shape the community's culture and behavior. These principles will balance the need for free expression with the imperative of maintaining a safe, respectful environment. They will guide our enforcement decisions

1.1. Free Expression. We advocate for the free expression of ideas and opinions, as it's fundamental to our platform's vibrancy. We actively work to balance the right to expression with the necessity of keeping our community safe from harm, including speech that could incite violence, discrimination, or other harmful actions. This principle ensures a harmonious balance between allowing open dialogue and maintaining a safe, respectful online space.

1.2. Harm Prevention and Safety. At Ready to Fight, harm prevention is a cornerstone principle. It involves proactive steps to prevent physical, psychological, or digital harm to our users. This includes measures against cyberbullying, hate speech, and content that could incite violence or discrimination. Our approach is multifaceted: it entails sophisticated monitoring systems, user reporting mechanisms, and a dedicated team for rapid response to harmful content. By prioritizing harm prevention, we strive to create a platform that is not only engaging and expressive but also safe and respectful for every member of our community.

1.3. Respect. This principle guides interactions within the community to be considerate, understanding, and appreciative of different perspectives and backgrounds. Respect is about treating everyone with dignity, fostering an environment where all voices can be heard and appreciated without fear of judgment or harassment. It's a commitment to an inclusive and supportive community where diversity is celebrated, and mutual understanding is promoted.

1.4. Privacy. We are dedicated to protecting personal privacy and information. Respecting users' privacy fosters freedom of expression and connection on the platform.

1.5. Dignity. We believe in upholding the dignity of all individuals. We expect members to treat each other with respect and not engage in harassment or other illegal or unmoral activities.

1.6. Equity. Our commitment is to apply these standards equitably to all users, respecting the diversity of our global community.

1.7. Community Participation. Encouraging users to participate actively in shaping the community environment and to report violations when they occur.

2. Respect Each Other

2.1. Respect Physical Differences. We advocate for respect and appreciation for individual physical forms and abilities, emphasizing the importance of body positivity and diversity.

2.2. Anti-Harassment. Prohibiting continuous negative comments and harassment. Disagreements should be handled respectfully.

2.3. No Hate Speech. Strictly forbidding attacks based on race, ethnicity, gender, and other protected attributes.

2.4. No Violence and Threats. Prohibiting threats of violence and sharing personal information (doxxing).

2.5. Adult Content Restrictions. Ensuring adult content is not accessible to minors and appropriately labeled.

2.6. Intellectual Property Rights. Respecting others' intellectual property and legal rights.

2.7. No Extremism. We will ban content that supports or glorifies violent extremism.

2.8. Fostering Inclusivity. Encourage inclusivity and understanding, ensuring that all community members feel welcome and valued.

2.9. Prohibition of Content Promoting Self-Harm. Sharing content that glorifies or promotes suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia is strictly prohibited. Encouraging such behaviors is harmful and not allowed. Using threats of self-harm as a means of emotional manipulation or coercion is also forbidden.

3. Respect Ready to Fight

3.1. Avoid Spam. Refrain from posting irrelevant or repetitive content that disrupts conversations or floods the platform.

3.2. Avoid Illegal and Dangerous Behavior. Any activities that are illegal or pose a danger to others or the platform are strictly prohibited.

3.3. Do not use Bots and Automation. The use of bots or automated methods to interact with the platform is not allowed, and each account must be associated with a human.

3.4. Do not Mislead Support Team. Providing false information or attempting to mislead our support team undermines the platform's integrity and is not tolerated.

3.5. Do Not Abuse Ready to Fight. Any form of abuse of the platform, whether through manipulating its functionalities or exploiting it for unauthorized purposes, is strictly prohibited. Respect for the platform includes using it responsibly and in accordance with its intended purpose.

3.6. Encouraging Constructive Feedback. Promote a culture where feedback is given in a constructive, helpful manner, fostering growth and learning.

3.7. General Respect for the Platform. Upholding the integrity of Ready to Fight involves respecting its rules, purpose, and the community it serves.

If you see any activity that violates these guidelines, our Terms of Service , or our other policies, please report it to us using [email protected].

4. Content Restrictions

As a content sharing platform, Ready to fight establishes high standards among our members in such a sphere. So there are some restrictions related to the content and our members’ behavior.

4.1. Hate Speech and Hateful Behaviors, Bulling. The diverse backgrounds of our community members contribute to our enrichment. Instead of being a source of division, these differences should be respected. We strictly prohibit any form of hateful behavior, hate speech, or the promotion of ideologies rooted in hatred. This encompasses content that targets individuals or groups based on protected attributes, such as caste, ethnicity, national origin, race, religion, immigration status, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability, serious disease, and more. Our commitment is to cultivate an inclusive and respectful environment for all.

4.2. Violent and Hateful Organizations and Individuals. Our platform is not a space for the promotion of beliefs or propaganda that advocate violence or hatred. We strictly prohibit the presence of individuals or organizations dedicated to violence and hate, including violent extremists, criminal organizations, political groups with a history of violence, and individuals associated with mass violence. Should we become aware of any such presence, we conduct a thorough review, considering off-platform behavior, and may take the necessary action, including an account ban.

4.3. Youth Exploitation and Abuse, General Human Exploitation. We have a zero-tolerance policy for youth exploitation and abuse, encompassing child sexual abuse material, nudity, grooming, sextortion, solicitation, pedophilia, and any form of physical or psychological harm inflicted on young individuals. This prohibition extends to real, fictional, digitally created, or artistic representations. Human exploitation, including trafficking and smuggling, is strictly prohibited.

4.4. Any Sexual Exploitation and Gender-Based Violence, Sexual Activities and Services. Our commitment is to cultivate a space that champions gender equity, fosters healthy relationships, and upholds the privacy of intimate matters. Disregarding these values can result in trauma and pose risks of physical and psychological harm. Therefore, we strictly prohibit sexual exploitation and gender-based violence, encompassing non-consensual sexual acts, image-based sexual abuse, sextortion, physical abuse, and sexual harassment.

4.5. Nudity and Body Exposure. We do not permit nudity on our platform, including uncovered genitals and buttocks, as well as nipples and areolas of women and girls. Sheer and partially see-through clothing is not considered covered.

4.6. Fraud and Scams. We want people to be able to use our platform to learn about ways to be financially responsible and consider economic transactions or investment opportunities, without worrying about scams or financial exploitation. We do not allow attempts to defraud or scam members of our community.

4.7. Please note that the guidelines listed above are not exhaustive. Ready to Fight reserves the right to remove, hide, or add labels to any content deemed to be in violation of these guidelines, company terms of service and other policies. Our commitment is to maintain a safe and respectful community, and as such, we may take action on content not specifically mentioned here if it is found to compromise the platform's integrity or the well-being of our members.

5. Privacy

5.1. Privacy Notice. We recognize the importance of safeguarding your privacy rights and personal information, as well as maintaining transparency within our platform. For detailed information regarding our privacy policies, please refer to our Privacy Notice . Your trust in our community is a priority, and we are committed to providing clear insights into how we handle your data.

6. Impact of Breaching of Community Guidelines

6.1. We take our Community Guidelines and the impact they have on our community seriously. We’ll do everything we can to make sure people follow them. Furthermore, we have a warning system in place, but if violations continue or if the violation is severe, we will respond accordingly.

6.2. We reserve the right to investigate and/or terminate accounts if we find you have behaved in a way that deems inappropriate, unlawful, or in violation of our Community Guidelines or terms of service .

7. Detection and Reporting

7.1. Content Monitoring. Ready to Fight employs various methods to detect content that violates our community standards. This includes automated systems and user reports.

7.2. User Reporting. Members can report inappropriate content directly to us. If you encounter anything that breaches our guidelines, please email Ready to Fight Support at [email protected]. We take user reports seriously and investigate them promptly.

7.3. If content is identified as a potential violation, it will be automatically removed.

8. Notice and Appeals

8.1. Notification of Actions. If your content is removed or action is taken against your account, you will receive a notification explaining the reason. While we strive to explain the reasons for removing content, there are instances where we reserve the right not to notify you of the specific reason. This discretion may be due to internal policies, the potential impact on the platform, or technical constraints. Our aim is to ensure the integrity and safety of the platform while balancing transparency with our operational needs.

8.2. Appeals Process. If you believe an error has been made, you can appeal the decision by contacting us through the provided channels. We review appeals carefully, considering all relevant information before reaching a final decision. To make a complaint about content or any other issues related to the Ready to Fight platform, please contact us via email at [email protected]. Our support team is available to address your concerns and assist you with any issues you may be experiencing.

If Content is Compliant with Community Guidelines. In instances where content, upon review by a support team member, is deemed compliant with Ready to Fight's community guidelines, the content will be maintained or restored on the platform. This decision reflects our commitment to uphold freedom of expression within the bounds of our community standards.

If Content is Violating Community Guidelines. Conversely, if the reviewed content is found to violate our community guidelines, it will be subject to removal. This action is taken to preserve the safety and integrity of the community, in accordance with our established rules and policies.

9. Contact Us

10. If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding our Community Guidelines, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. You can contact us through the email address at: [email protected].