How to work with Offers

  1. Go to the "OFFERS" section. Change the display of all ads created by you and other platform participants in the form of a list or on a global map

  2. Ads without a specified location are displayed in the upper left corner of the map or when displayed as a list

  3. Use the filter to display ads that are relevant to you, created by you or based on your responses.

  4. Search for ads by criteria specified in the filter

  5. You can create a new event by clicking on "ADD" in the upper right corner of the screen

  • fill in the fields with the name of the event, its description, the number of participants required, the reward for each participant

  • fill in the requirements for the participants of the event

  • click "CREATE A NEW EVENT" or select a previously created event in the calendar

  • fill in all the fields of the event and click "SAVE"

  • click on "PUBLISH", after which the card of the created ad will open

  • after creating a sparring partner search ad, the platform will offer you candidates that match sports parameters in the “SUITABLE” tab of the advertisement card 

  • invite participants to accept your offer by clicking on "SUGGEST"

  • the status of the response to the offer will be displayed in the "NEEDS REVIEW" tab of the advertisement card

  • processed requests will be displayed in the "PROCESSED" tab of the ad card