How to find boxing opponent

Professional boxers are required to participate in boxing matches on a regular basis to gain the necessary experience in the ring. This, coupled with the proper selection of opponents at the appropriate skill level, can significantly contribute to a successful professional career. However, it can be challenging to find the right opponent in the world of boxing.

The creation of the Ready to Fight platform aimed to simplify this search and make it more accessible for boxers. As a member of our community, you now have the opportunity to find a suitable boxing opponent.

How to find an opponent for a fight

The corresponding section of the Ready to Fight platform is tailored to meet the needs of boxers, agents, and managers who wish to independently seek out an opponent for a fight by creating an appropriate offer with the necessary parameters or by proposing a fight directly to the boxer through their profile. To gain a better understanding of this process, we suggest watching the video tutorial above.

Why you should look for a boxing opponent on the Ready to Fight platform

There are many boxers from all over the world in our boxing community. They include both amateurs and professionals, as well as top-level boxers. As more and more boxers join the community, the search for an opponent to fight will be even more effective.

Ready to Fight is your reliable boxing assistant!