How to earn money from boxing

How can a boxer earn money on the Ready to Fight platform?

The problem of making money from boxing is huge. Indeed, according to statistics, only a few out of ten thousand boxers earn millions of US dollars. Most earn from fight to fight.

The Ready to Fight team is committed to helping boxers solve the problem of how to earn money from boxing. Therefore, you have the opportunity to sell your professional services on a platform as a sparring partner or an opponent for a fight. You can promote yourself in the boxing community, find a manager, agent and develop your career.

  1. Fill out your profile in as much detail as possible

  2. Promote yourself in the Feed

  3. Find an agent / a manager to sign a contract and develop your career

  4. Offer your services as:

  • Sparring partner

  • Opponent for a fight

  • Agent, manager